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Overall Game of the Year 2017

VGChartz’s Evan Norris: “With PS4 at the peak of its power, indie developers pushing the envelope, and Nintendo Switch serving notice that it’s here to stay, 2017 saw a glut of amazing software. The indie darling Cuphead won the hearts and minds of critics and consumers with its punishing difficulty and Max Fleischer cartoon aesthetic. Horizon: Zero Dawn impressed with gorgeous graphics, intense combat, and a vast open world. The Switch launch title Breath of the Wild proved to be a killer app for Nintendo’s upstart hybrid. Atlus’ Persona 5 won over a legion of fans thanks to its impressive art direction, battle system, and story. And finally Super Mario Odyssey, in a year of game-of-the-generation candidates, actually scored the highest. There was no shortage of greatness in 2017.”

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